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Cambridge Rocketry Simulator Download

Please download the latest version of the Cambridge Rocketry Simulator here.

Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox Download

The Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox requires Octave 3.0 or greater to run. If you do not already have Octave installed then you must do this first. Alternatively if you have Matlab then you can download the Matlab version of the toolbox at the bottom of this page.

Octave Installation


Octave 3.0 is available in the repositories of most distributions; the source can be downloaded here. You will also need to add the Octave forge packages, downloadable from here.


Download from Octave Forge. Make sure that all the forge packages are installed.


Download Octave 3.0.0 for windows by clicking the link below.

Octave 3.0.0

Toolbox Installation

Click the link below to download the zipped toolbox

Download: CambridgeRocketryToolbox.zip

Extract the .zip file and place the folder called “CambridgeRocketryToolbox” in an easily accessible location.

Read the tutorial on how to get started.

Matlab Version

A version of the toolbox that works in Matlab can be downladed using the link below

Download: CRTMatlab.zip

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