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This page lists some places where you can get information and assistance for using the Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox

Toolbox Resources

A comprehensive guide to the toolbox can be found in the instruction manual. This document assumes basic knowledge of Octave or Matlab

There is also a set of basic tutorials which should be usable by everyone including the complete novice. However if you have never used Octave or Matlab before then it is recommended that you get to grips with the basics first using one of the guides in the Octave resources section below.

Octave Resources

Octave uses (almost) exactly the same syntax as Matlab. There are many guides and tutorials on how to use Octave and Matlab on the web, a few links are provided below.

Community Resources

Users of the Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox can help each other out by sharing tips and tricks for using the software and answering each others questions. To facilitate this there is a sourceforge forum for this project.

Technical Papers

Below is a list of technical papers written by members of Cambridge Rocketry that give some background into how six degree of freedon rocket simulators work.

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