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Cambridge rocketry produces free open source software for simulating high power rocket flights.

High power rockets are essentially large unguided model rockets that can fly to altitudes of up to 13 km and then return to earth by parachute.

Cambridge rocketry has two active projects: The cambridge rocketry simulator and the cambridge rocketry toolbox, decribed below.

Cambridge Rocketry Simulator

The Cambridge rocketry simulator can be used to produce six-degree-of-freedom simulations of rocket flights, including the parachute descent. Simulations can also be run stochastically, generating splash-down plots.

The software can be used to simulate many different types of rocket and many different scenarios, including two stage flights.

Cambridge rocketry simulator runs on Linux and Windows. To download go here.

Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox

The Cambridge rocketry toolbox is a set of functions that can be run on either Octave or Matlab. The toolbox has the same functionality as the Cambridge rocketry simulator, but it is easier to modify and extend with your own functionality. The trade off is no user friendly GUI and slower running times.

Download the Cambridge rocketry toolbox here.



The Cambridge Rocketry Simulator is released. Download here


A team from Bolton Science and Technology Centre (Cambridge rocketry toolbox users) made an attempt on the U.K. altitude record this month with Black Streak. See the BBC news article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-14760906.


A scientific paper describing the development of the Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox and the mathematics behid how it all works is being published in the Journal of Aerospace Engineering. The paper is downloadable for subscribers here.


Toolbox released! After some delay the Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox has been officially released. Please go to the download page to get started.


Aeronautics and Astronautics students at the University of Southampton have been using the Cambridge Rocketry Toolbox to maximize the altitude of water rockets. Read the full report.


Good news for Matlab users. A Matlab compatible version of the toolbox has now been completed and will be released alongside the Octave version this Summer.


Website up! The first release of the Cambridge Rocketry toolbox has been tested successfully and is planned for release later in the Summer

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